Alex Walton Illustrations

Gulf Islands Alphabet is released and it already has a review!

The most recent edition of Quill and Quire reviewed “Gulf Islands Alphabet” (written by Bronwyn Preece and Published by Simply Read Books) with some kind words.

“Readers of all ages will delight in Alex Walton’s lush watercolour illustrations. The double-page spreads give a vivid sense of the islands’ land- and seascapes. Walton varies his scenes by employing unusual perspectives: we view islands through the curving frame of a ferry’s deck, look down on them from the height of an eagle’s nest, and gaze at them through ferns and boulders on the forest floor. On some pages we are underwater with jellyfish and kelp, looking up at children in a rowboat. The paintings are full of action, as boys leap into the sea off the Gabriola Galleries or sail a dinghy through the surging water of a narrows.”

To read the entire review, click here 

A Sneak Peak

Here are a few drawings from the book I’m currently working on. Stephanie Lisa Tara asked me to illustrate the cover for her ebook Eliza’s Forever Trees last year. The response has been so positive to her book that she has asked me to illustrate some interior scenes. Initially I was to do 8 black and white drawings and now the project blossomed to 17! I’ve spent a lot of time doing research for the drawings as there are so many animals in the story. I would say that for each drawing my time is divided as follows; 20% research, 30% design, 30% drawing and 20% inking. It is fun and challenging work.

Latest News For ‘Eliza’

Stephanie Lisa Tara has decided to make the ‘Eliza’ into a paperback and commissioned me to draw 10 black and white illustrations. The book will be out sometime this year.

Times have changed…

Times have changed, I’m now illustrating covers of kindle books! Eliza’s  Forever Tree is written by Stephanie Lisa Tara the same author that wrote the picture books; Little Library Mouse and Snowy White World to Save. It was a difficult cover to illustrated as I had to include so much; from a giant redwood to a butterfly, to a girl and all her little forest friends. Check out Stephanie’s site here. Buy the book on Amazon.

Grim Reaper Design…

“I was asked to do a poster for Mechanized Death Records. They wanted a robot Grim Reaper. I tried to emulate the style of the old 60′s comic books that I used to read as a kid. I also added a poor unfortunate victim, probably on his way home. SarcasTECH Designs did a great job of adding the graphics.”

Reworked Von Winkle-Tinkle

After finishing “Dr. Vonwinkle-Tinkle loved the Sound of the Wind in the Trees,”
I decided that it needed more atmosphere and mood. So I reworked the original
painting, adding some texture and more somber colours to the sky and the trees.
I’m much happier with this more dramatic version of the illustration.

December 6th 2009

just finished ‘Dr. Vonwinkle-Tinkle loved the Sound of the Wind in the Trees’.
It is a whimsical landscape painting with a slight pun on wind instruments and
the sound of the wind in the trees. After painting 26 landscapes in the Gulf Island
Alphabet Book I am more confident painting landscapes and thereby creating a
world to surround my characters.