Alex Walton Illustrations

Supercilious Silliness At The Kamloops Art Gallery

October 30th 2009
The Kamloops Art Gallery proudly presents the extraordinary drawings of
Alex Walton in Supercilious Silliness: Man’s Coexistence with the Natural World.

Alex Walton creates an imaginative world to explore relationships between humans
and their natural surroundings. These sometimes precarious and one-sided
relationships have comedic results as humans try to tame, organize and enslave flora
and fauna alike. Kangaroo waiters and whale rodeos are examples of Walton’s unique
creations. Children will enjoy his illustrations and adults will appreciate the political

Walton draws inspiration from his formal education in commercial art, fine art and
natural resource science. He grew up and has spent most of his life in Kamloops. His
paintings are in collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.